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Try this powerful and easy tool to save your data!

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What AQBack can do for you - detailed description  
Save your data in the safe place.
You can select any of your documents or entire folders and create a backup task, which
will make backup copy of this files in a single zip-file on another computer, direct CD, diskettes etc. Each task can be ran at any time manually or using scheduler. You can assign several places simultaneously to be sure that you'll never lose your data.

Compress this data to reduce occupied space.
The backups are compressed, keeping space of your drives free. And you can choose compress level for each of your backup task, optimizing ether speed or amount of free space.

Protect this data with password.
You can set up a password for each of backup tasks, so only you can use your data.

Save versions of work files.
With only two mouse clicks on tray icon you can make backup copy of your work file(s) to restore it at any time later by the date or time.

Restore your data.
If you accidentally deleted your needed files, restoring will be fast and easy. You can use Restore Wizard to instantly get back your data.

Work automatically and don't interrupt you.
AQBack has power scheduler, where you can customize not only time for making backups, but how often it will be done and how many backups do you want to store. It works even with opened files, so backup will be done at your work time.

How AQBack does it:

You can use Wizards to simply backup or restore data. AQBack has task panes, hints, context help to assist you.

AQBack has extremely fast engine of zipping your files. And the design of program allows you to achieve desired goals just in a few clicks.

Though even inexperienced user can work with AQBack, the advanced user can tune up everything and enjoy the automatic work and spent no time making backups at all.

AQBack has modern and nice look. It supports Windows XP themes, uses Win2k-like wizards, MS Office-like task panes so you already have enough experience to work with it.

Have you ever loose your data? If yes, you must understand, how important is making of backup copies. For just $17 you can buy calmness and lot of time, unfettered by making backups...



FREE download | See | Buy



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